Robotics Innovation Challenge

Submission deadline: 15/5/2019  extended to 15/6/2019  Submission is closed

NVIDIA Jetson Nano computer will be drown among the first 20 applicants.  

NVIDIA Jetson Xavier computer will be added to the first prize package.   

Goal: Encourage the development of innovative products and services in the robotics and related fields.

Potential participants (inventors and companies) are invited to submit an application that describes the product or service that constitutes a viable solution at the level of an idea, working prototype, or commercial product.

The applications will be judged by a committee of experts from academia, industry and venture capital funds.  In addition, the products will be presented to a selected group of local and foreign investors and key industry players.

The Robotics Innovation Challenge  is open to inventors and companies at all stages of development in robotics and related fields, such as medical robotics, assistive robotics, agriculture, industry, autonomous vehicles, drones, sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning.

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